Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, is located in the northern part of the Black Sea Coast and is its biggest city. Together with Burgas to the South, Varna is the main cultural and entertainment centre in this part of Bulgaria and connects the whole country (and Europe) to the beautiful sea shore. Every year thousands of tourists arrive at its airport hungry for some sun rays and fun.
Apart from the beach and all the attractions that go with it, the city also boasts a beautiful sea garden, great restaurants and cafes, museums and theatres, and a dolphinarium – the most popular sea park in Bulgaria. The nights in Varna are quite eventful so those of you who love to have good time will not be disappointed. 
One of the characteristic traits of Varna is its architectural splendour. The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral is the biggest church in the city. It was constructed in the period 1882-1886 as a token of gratitude to the Russian Empire and today it is regarded as the most emblematic building in the city centre. The Varna Opera House, the Clock Tower and the 19th-century royal summer palace of Euxinograd, located at the northern end of the flowery sea garden, together with its lovely park, are just a few of the sea capital’s remarkable architectural monuments.
As for the attractions that tourists will find outside this urban centre… well, they are quite varied and quite a few. The busy Golden Sands and Albena Resorts are nearby. The historically important coastal town of Balchik is also not too far away. Krapets Village and Durankulak Lake lie further up the road, approximately 100 km north of the city. 
Tourists who have a soft spot for culture should check out the rock-hewn Aladzha Monastery near Golden Sands, and the Madara Horseman, located 80 km west of Varna. And if you are into nature, go see the Standing Stones, an astonishing natural phenomenon, or visit Kamchia, one of UNESCO’s biosphere reserves.