Black Sea Coast - the Entertainment Centres and the Luxury Resorts

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is not only about the peace and quiet. There are a few sea resorts whose reputation as entertainment centres has become proverbial. Every year they attract many eager party-goers hungry for some fun. Sunny Beach and Golden Sands seem to be the front-runners.

Sunny Beach lies in the southern part of the coast, 40 km north of Burgas and happens to be the biggest sea resort in Bulgaria. It has a great variety of attractions, including many restaurants, bars and discotheques which make it the perfect holiday spot for those who love night life and clubbing. The sporty type of people won’t be disappointed either because the place offers many opportunities for water skiing, surfing, yachting, horseback riding and mini-golfing. It does tend to get a bit crowded and noisy sometimes, which is kind of a downside, but its nice, fancy hotels provide just the perfect hideaway, and at affordable prices too. Of course it goes without say that the sea water is great for swimming and the fine yellow-sand beach is perfect for sunbathing. If you desire is to avoid all the crowds and noise and enjoy the luxury of the modern hotels and the different attractions in a more peaceful atmosphere, then plan your holiday for either May, June or September.
Golden Sands, the oldest sea resort in Bulgaria located 13 km northeast of Varna, bears striking resemblance to Sunny Beach. All the entertainment venues are there, as well as the exquisite hotels and the different attractions. It also boasts a nice nature park which is inhabited by endangered animal and plant species. And the beach… well, the name says it all.
Next to it lies the Riviera. Its five-star hotels make it one of the most luxurious resorts on the Bulgarian coast while its spas attract people from all around the world.
Going further north one will reach Albena, one of the oldest and most famous sea resorts in the country. Its vast beaches, crystal water, neat parks, fresh air, and various attractions all make for an unforgettable stay. The cool of the nearby Baltata reserve is just what tourists need in the hot summer days and Albena’s mineral springs and modern spa centres will make sure that they will get the relaxation they deserve.
But the fun is not confined to the northern part of the region only. There are a lot of entertainment centres down south, too. Kiten, Primorsko and Lozenets are three resorts where the dancing, singing and partying don’t stop before the break of dawn.
Golf and spa:
Oftentimes foreign tourists turn out to be keen golfers who get really disappointed when they find out that they can’t play their favourite sport just because the destination they have chosen for their summer vacation does not have the appropriate facilities. Well, the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is not among them. The town of Balchik boasts three of the best 18-hole golf courses in Bulgaria designed by the renowned professional golf players Gary Player and Ian Woosnam. They should satisfy the whims of even the most capricious fans of the club and ball. 
The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is also regarded as a significant spa destination where apart from the standard recreational procedures every spa offers, one will have the opportunity to try some unusual and exotic ones as well - like the mud-therapy, for example. The coastal town of Pomorie, located 20 km south of Burgas, is one of the famous seaside resorts in the country and also the biggest mud-treatment centre on the Balkans where hundreds of people go to relax and enjoy the healing qualities of medicinal mud.