Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria


In the summertime when the weather is high,
You can chase right up and touch the sky,
When the weather’s right
You’ve got…well, the beach and the blue sea on your mind.
If our interpretation of Mungo Jerry’s famous lyrics hit the nail on the head and this is really how you feel, then the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is just what you need for your summer holiday. 
The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast runs all the way from the mouth of Rezovo River on the Turkish border to the south to Cape Siviburun on the Romanian border to the north and constitutes the country’s eastern border. The total length of the coastline is approximately 350 km, 200 km of which are taken up by clean and vast fine-sand beaches. The two biggest coastal cities Varna and Burgas are located in the northern and the southern part of the region, respectively. Every year their airports welcome thousands of visitors who come to Bulgaria to spend their summer vacations in the most enjoyable kind of way. And it is pretty safe to say that all the necessary preconditions for that to happen are present.
The Bulgarian seaside is generally regarded as one of the most affordable summer destinations in Europe and apart from its beautiful beaches, clear sea water and fine weather it offers a huge variety of additional attractions that should suit every taste and every mood. This article is dedicated to all the things that make the Bulgarian seaside a truly unique tourist haven.
First come the peaceful little villages like Krapets and Sinemorets. Their neat guest houses, quiet streets and endless beaches may not seem too exciting to the energetic party goers who raid the Black Sea Coast every year but they do offer just what some people crave the most – a noise-free atmosphere in which everything revolves around relaxation.
The outdoorsy-type of tourists, on the other hand, perhaps prefer to spend their holidays camping somewhere. With all the campsites scattered across the Black Sea Shore, they won’t have too much trouble finding what they are looking for – the perfect spot under the cloudless blue sky to set up their camp. Just one warning, though – some of the campsites have extremely ridiculous names so try not to laugh your heads off before you reach the destined location… Kosmos (Space), Koral (Coral), Zora (Dawn), seriously?!
The campsites probably won’t be extreme enough for hardcore fans of nature. They would want to go some place secluded, some place wild. Well, the Bulgarian seaside’s got a load of these, too. The clean virgin beaches of Silistar and Irakli with their fine golden sand and crystal water should satisfy all the nature-lovers’ needs. Oh, and let’s not forget the steep rocky cliffs of Kamen Bryag (Stone Shore). Read more here.
Still, if we have to be 100% honest, we must say that the majority of tourists don’t come to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast to seek seclusion or peace. They come here to find entertainment and luxury. And once again, Bulgaria has the right stuff to offer. Apart from the super famous party centres Sunny Beach and Golden Sands with their night clubs and discotheques, Albena and the Riviera and their fancy hotels, Pomorie and its spa centres, Balchik and Kavarna and their world-class golf courses, the Shore also boasts many other smaller but equally exciting sea resorts, such as Ahtopol, Lozenets and Kiten, where the fun practically doesn’t stop.
But do you really want to dedicate your entire vacation on beach-related fun and nightclubbing? Don’t you wish to learn something about the history and culture of the country? If the answer is yes, then you must definitely see the old streets, buildings and churches of Nesebar and Sozopol and the beautiful botanical garden and royal palace in Balchik. Read more about them here.
Photos by: D.Bibishkov