Best Bars in Varna

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Bulgaria team

Bulgarians love to have fun and as you all know there is no better way of getting your spirits high than drinking a glass or two at the local pub. It is no wonder then that there are so many bars in Bulgaria.

Every town and every village has at least one such venue where you can go and chill out after the hard day, get together with your friends, watch the football game, and, as we already said, just have some fun. Most Bulgarian bars are quite inviting and usually don't close before dawn. The booze prices are also pretty reasonable and the music is generally okay, although we have to say that there are some places, especially in the small towns and villages, where they play songs that the average foreigner may find rather exotic. Please remember that you are not allowed to smoke in bars in Bulgaria and that they also don't serve any food, so it is always a good idea to grab a bite before going there.

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