Best Sport Clubs in Sofia

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Bulgaria team

Mens sana in corpore sano has to be the only Latin saying Bulgarians love more than In vino veritas.

And this fact hasn't only resulted in the establishment of many culture-related venues such as theatres, cinemas and art galleries that are supposed to take care of people's spirit, but it has also brought about hundreds of gyms, sports halls and stadiums where one can get their bodies fit and healthy as well. Indeed, the country abounds in such establishments. Every city and every town in Bulgaria has at least one gym, swimming pool, basketball ground or football pitch where you can go do some physical exercises or just relax while playing your favourite sport. Most sports centres are modern and well equipped. The trainers and fitness instructors you will meet there are great professionals who are always ready to give some good advice and help you with your personal training programme.