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Compiling a top 10 attractions list is never easy, especially with countries like Bulgaria that are literally jam packed with interesting sites to see and amazing places to visit. However, one has to start from somewhere and we didn’t want you to get completely lost in this mash of historical landmarks, architectural monuments, natural wonders, customs and traditions, so we decided to give it a go anyways.  Here is what we came up with:


Do some sightseeing, go for a casual stroll along the neat little streets of the city centre in Sofia, take a relaxing break in one of the capital’s green parks, or just check out our list of the top 10 things to do in Sofia.

The Mountains:

They are there for you every day and every season. When the weather is fine, grab your backpack and go hiking along their picturesque trails. In the winter don’t miss out on their world-class ski resorts, which are fun to visit in the summer, too, by the way. Oh, and when in Sofia, make sure you climb Vitosha. The mountain offers the most stunning views of the capital city and it is also home to some incredible natural wonders such as the stone rivers and Duhlata Cave. Find out more about the Bulgarian mountains and ski resorts here.

The Seaside:

The summer is all about the sun, the beach and the sea and the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast’s got the whole package… and even more. It provides a little something for every taste so no matter what choice you make, it will always be the right one. Read more here.

Urban Bulgaria:

Visit one of Bulgaria’s main urban centres. Take Veliko Tarnovo, for instance. You know the former capital of Bulgaria? The town located on the beautiful hilly banks of Yantra River? Or you can go for Varna and Burgas - the two seaside gems… it is entirely up to you. There are plenty more options to pick from right here.

The Monasteries:

Bulgarians and Christianity go a long way back. Learn more about this special relationship at the Rila Monastery. Of course the other Bulgarian monasteries are also an option. Read more about them here.

The Natural Wonders:

Have a trip to the mesmerizing Belogradchik Rocks or to one of the other natural landmarks that the country boasts. The list is rather long but here are some suggestions.
Photo by D.Alexov

Rural Bulgaria:

Discover the beauty of Bulgaria’s small towns and villages. Places like Koprivshtitsa, Kovachevitsa, Etar and Bozhentsi should be given special attention. There you will find the true meaning of the word "hospitality", you will get to taste the best organic fruit and vegetables on the planet and you will learn everything about Bulgarian customs and traditions. Just a word of advice – try to spend at least three whole days there as this will make for a more fulfilling experience. Get more information about the Bulgarian countryside here.

The Gold Treasures:

Pay the museums a visit and take a look at some of the country’s famous gold treasures. Find more about these here.

The Mineral Springs and the Spas:

Enjoy the healing qualities of mineral water in one of Bulgaria’s many spa resorts. You can get more information about them here.

Bulgarian Cuisine:

Shopska Salad, banitsa, kebabche, kyufte, lyutenitsa, beans in a pot… these are just a few of the traditional Bulgarian dishes you should try. And it won’t be difficult to do that, too. Just slip inside the first restaurant or tavern you see. While in there, don’t forget to also order a bottle of the finest Bulgarian red wine. You will love it.