Mountains and Ski Resorts of Bulgaria

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "mountain"? Close your eyes and try to visualise it. If the picture that pops up before you is one of snow-capped peaks and crystal clear lakes, venerable forests and lush meadows, peaceful little brooks and awesome rock formations then this article is for you. Bulgaria can easily be labeled a mountain country due to the fact that nearly half of its territory is taken up by mountains. Their exact number is 37. Among them one will find the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula and the sixth highest in Europe (Rila) and the oldest nature park on the Balkans (Vitosha). In addition to that one will also come across many nature reserves, thousands of acres of forests, hundreds of eco trails and chalets and some world-class ski resorts - Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo. But let’s not waste any more time.  This is a hike through Bulgaria’s greatest mountains and it begins from…




The Rhodope Mountains

Stara Planina


Borovets Ski Resort

Bansko Ski Resort

Pamporovo Ski Resort