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The villages add another layer to our country’s cultural and historical magnificence.

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So, now let us tell you why Bulgaria should make it onto your bucket list! 
Why Have Bulgaria on your Bucket List ?

For one thing, our country packs an astonishing mixture of fun and excitement on a territory that, globally speaking, is comparable to a grain of sand. It can be labelled as a truly exotic destination lying at the very heart of the Old Continent where culture, history, architecture, nature and entertainment come together to create one perfect whole. And it is waiting for you to explore it.

Since Bulgaria is really small in terms of size, you can literally experience tons of fascinating adventures and witness great attractions in a matter of days. But, every adventure has to start somewhere. 
Image by Ognyan Stefanov
Beauty of Bulgaria

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is not only a modern, political and cultural centre but it is often regarded as the country’s main entrance. It is also one of the oldest cities in Europe – a place where the historical landmarks hide behind every corner and whose nightlife can turn even the most reluctant snob into an ardent partygoer. Actually, a similar thing can be said about all large urban centres and towns in Bulgaria. 

Image by Ognyan Stefanov
Sofia - The Capital of Bulgaria

The villages add another layer to the country’s cultural and historical magnificence. They preserve all the ancient national customs and traditions, including the folk songs and dances, the crafts and dresses, the amazing nestinar (fire dancing) and kuker rituals. Oh, and while you are there, don’t forget to taste the most incredible traditional Bulgarian dishes prepared with the best homegrown fruits and vegetables in the world.

Bulgarian Countryside - Culture and Tradition

The religious temples scattered all over the country are well worth visiting. Bulgaria’s churches and monasteries reveal a great deal about the way Orthodox Christianity has evolved over the centuries and indeed bring you closer to God. Besides, some of these are renowned as beacons of architectural splendor, like St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or the Rila Monastery, for example. The latter is also one of the many UNESCO-protected sites you will come across in Bulgaria.

Attractive Landmarks

But Bulgaria’s natural beauty is just as impressive…

The fine sandy beaches of the Black Sea Coast welcome you every year from the end of May up until the beginning of October. Apart from the yellow sand, the sunny sky and the crystal water will entice you as will the variety of peaceful little villages, campsites and wild spots, large sea resorts, busy entertainment centres and culturally rich coastal towns.
Image by Ognyan Stefanov
Black Sea Coast

The mountains deserve your attention, too. Naturally, they are excellent for skiing, snowboarding, trekking, climbing and all other mountain-related activities, but at the same time they also provide shelter for thousands of animal and plant species and offer the most breathtaking views in the country. So, the camera is a must-bring item, together with warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

That’s not all, of course. There are also all the beautiful nature parks, reserves, rock formations, caves, lakes, rivers, and mineral springs that all make you want to stay here for longer.  
Image by Ognyan Stefanov
Mountains in Bulgaria