Ski Resort Borovets

In 1896 Borovets became the first mountain resort in Bulgaria. It was initially designed as a place where the members of the royal family would go to let off some steam and hunt game. Gradually its popularity grew and it transformed into a trendy ski resort with fancy hotels and restaurants, nice bars and night clubs, first-class ski trails and modern lifts. And things there look even better today.

Borovets lies on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain 1350 m above mean sea level and approximately 80 km south of Sofia and 125 km west of Plovdiv
Nowadays the resort flaunts a striking network of twenty ski trails of various difficulty with a total length of 58 km. It comes together with an up-to-date lift system comprising one gondola lift, four chairlifts and about two dozen surface lifts including rope tows, J-bars, T-bars, etc. During the skiing season (November – April) the lifts are open every day from 9 am till 4.30 pm. 
But Borovets is not only fun to visit in the winter. When the snow has melted away and the skiing season is over there is still plenty to do there. The region around the mountain resort abounds in picturesque hiking paths, beautiful tourist routes and challenging mountain biking trails. And if you want to climb Musala (2925 m), the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula, this is the best place to start your ascent from.
That’s great, but what about accommodation and prices? Well, this is the last thing to worry about in Borovets. The resort offers a huge array of luxury and family hotels, spa centres, guest rooms, and holiday houses and an even bigger variety of restaurants, traditional taverns, bars, night clubs and discotheques that suit every taste and create the perfect atmosphere for tourists to relax after the exhausting day on the ski run. The quality of all services provided to the guests of Borovets is excellent and the prices they come at are extremely affordable as compared to other ski resorts in Europe.