Black Sea Coast - the Peaceful Little Villages


We probably won’t be breaking the news if we told you that every year when the holiday season reaches its peak in July and August the shore gets pretty crowded and not everybody likes that. Those who opt for a tranquil summer experience should stay off the beaten track and check out the less popular sea resorts on the coast. Krapets and Sinemorets are two such places worth checking out.
The village of Krapets is located 90 km north of Varna and lies in close proximity to the Romanian border. You won’t find many big hotels there, or any night clubs. There are a couple of taverns where you can always get fresh fish or taste the most delicious traditional Bulgarian dishes, but that’s it in terms of entertainment venues. What you will find there, however, is much more impressive. Krapets is a quiet place that flaunts one of the broadest and longest beaches on the Black Sea Coast. It’s so long that you can actually walk all the way up to Romania. The only sound you will hear there will be the voice of nature manifesting itself through the cries of gulls and the sea waves. Durankulak Lake, one of the biggest and most important coastal wetlands in Bulgaria, is also not far away. It is home to 260 plant and animal species and what is more it is part of Via Pontica – the second biggest flyway in Europe. This fact ought to make bird-watchers really excited.
Sinemorets is situated 90 km south of Burgas and just 12 km north of the Turkish border. Although it is a bit more popular than Krapets and has a couple of bars and big hotels it preserves the peaceful atmosphere of its northern counterpart. This is mainly because of its beautiful beaches which are richly decorated with natural ornaments. The mouth of Veleka River kisses the wavy lips of the Black Sea and the green hills of Strandzha Mountain gently caress the turquoise water and mix with the golden sands to create the ideal environment for quiet relaxation.
Just a couple of kilometres down the road one will find another heavenly place – Silistar Beach and the mouth of Rezovo River. This is the southernmost point of the Black Sea Coast and definitely one of the most picturesque areas in the country. If you feel like walking, you can take the beautiful eco path that connects Sinemorets and Rezovo. It runs right between the sea and the mountain and offers great views of both.
The rivers in this region are yet another thing that makes Sinemorets a special place to visit. A single boat ride along Ropotamo River or Veleka River will get you through amazing forests and marshes inhabited by rare animals, birds and plants. 
Still, there are many other similar coastal towns and villages with lovely beaches, cozy family hotels and guest houses which are excellent for quiet vacations. In case you are interested, you can consider the likes of Obzor, Byala, Chernomorets and Tsarevo.
Photos by M.Dimitrova, D.Bibishkov