The History of Bulgaria in years

Historical Facts – What Happened When

When/Year What
681 Khan Asparuh established the First Bulgarian Kingdom
863 Brothers Cyril and Methodius invented the Slavic alphabet
865 Bulgarians got rid of paganism and converted to Christianity
893 - 927 The Golden Age of Bulgaria under the reign of Tsar Simeon the Great
1018 – 1185 Byzantine Rule
1185 – 1396 Second Bulgarian Kingdom
1396 – 1878 Ottoman Rule
1760s Beginning of the National Revival
1876 The April Uprising, organised by the national liberation movement, was brutally crushed
1878 Russo-Turkish War. Bulgaria was freed from the Ottomans
1879 Adoption of the First Bulgarian Constitution
1908 Independence of Bulgaria
1912 – 1913 Balkan Wars
1941 Bulgaria took the side of Germany in the Second World War
1944 The Soviet troops occupied the country
1946 Bulgaria became a People’s Republic
1946 – 1989 Communist regime in Bulgaria
1989 Fall of the communist regime
1990 First democratic elections in over 50 years
2004 Bulgaria became a member of NATO
2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union