Winter Hiking Adventures in Bulgaria


Explore the breathtaking winter landscapes on foot

1. Vitosha Mountain

Explore the stunning Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria during winter. With its diverse trails and breathtaking views, Vitosha offers a memorable hiking experience for adventure enthusiasts.


2. Rila Mountains

Embark on a winter hiking expedition in the picturesque Rila Mountains of Bulgaria. Explore its snow-covered peaks, frozen lakes, and enchanting landscapes, creating unforgettable memories.


3. Pirin National Park

Discover the snowy wonders of Pirin National Park. With its diverse flora and fauna alongside awe-inspiring winter vistas, this park is a paradise for winter hikers.


4. Seven Rila Lakes

Set out on a winter hiking adventure to explore the enchanting Seven Rila Lakes. As they transform into a winter wonderland, be captivated by their beauty and serenity.


5. Mt. Musala

Conquer the highest peak in Bulgaria, Mt. Musala, during winter. Challenge yourself with this rewarding hike, savouring the panoramic views over the snow-capped mountains.


6. Rhodope Mountains

Explore the mystical Rhodope Mountains during winter, known for their ancient mythology and stunning natural landscapes. Enjoy winter hiking and immerse yourself in local legends.


7. Botev Peak

Embark on an unforgettable winter hike to Botev Peak, the highest peak in the Balkan Mountains. Be rewarded with breathtaking views of the snow-covered surroundings.


8. Sredna Gora

Experience the beauty of Sredna Gora during the winter season. With its rolling hills and scenic trails, it offers a tranquil and picturesque hiking adventure.


9. Stara Planina

Unleash your adventurous spirit by exploring Stara Planina in winter. Admire its rugged peaks, deep gorges, and frozen waterfalls as you hike through this magnificent mountain range.


10. Belogradchik Rocks

Discover the fascinating rock formations of Belogradchik in winter. Hike through this unique geological phenomenon and witness the rocks adorned with snow, creating a magical scene.