Easter Traditions: Immersing in Bulgarian Culture


Discover Bulgaria's unique Easter traditions

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1. Easter Eggs: Pisanitsa

Experience the ancient Bulgarian tradition of pisanitsa, which involves decorating eggs with intricate and meaningful designs. These eggs are a symbol of rebirth and fertility. Book a workshop and learn how to create your own intricate pisanitsa eggs.


2. Easter Bread: Kozunak

Discover the delicious taste of Kozunak, a sweet and rich Easter bread. Attend a baking class to learn the traditional recipe and techniques to make this soft and flavorful bread. Kozunak is an essential part of Bulgarian Easter celebrations.


3. Easter Processions: Lazarki

Witness the vibrant Lazarki processions that take place during Easter. Young girls dressed in traditional clothing sing and dance as they go from house to house, blessing the homes for health and prosperity. Join a procession and immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere.


4. Easter Sunday Feast: Lamb

Indulge in a traditional Bulgarian Easter feast featuring roasted lamb. Experience the flavors of this succulent meat dish, which symbolizes sacrifice and new beginnings. Join a local family for a festive meal and learn about the symbolism behind each culinary tradition.


5. Kukeri Festival

Be a part of the ancient Kukeri festival, a unique Bulgarian tradition aimed at chasing away evil spirits and welcoming spring. Witness the colorful masked dancers who perform intricate rituals. Attend the festival and join in the merriment and elaborate celebrations.


6. Easter Fire Jumping

Experience the exhilarating Easter fire jumping ceremony held in several Bulgarian villages. This ancient ritual is believed to bring health and good fortune. Join locals as they leap over bonfires, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. Participate in this unforgettable and symbolic event.


7. Easter Church Services

Attend a traditional Easter church service in one of Bulgaria's historic churches. Experience the devout atmosphere as locals gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Immerse yourself in the spiritual customs and witness the unique Bulgarian Orthodox traditions.


8. Easter Monday: Kukeri Games

Take part in the lively Kukeri games held on Easter Monday. Join the masked dancers as they perform playful rituals and engage in friendly competitions. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and be part of this ancient tradition that marks the end of Easter celebrations.


9. Easter Icon Painting

Learn the ancient art of Bulgarian Easter icon painting in a workshop led by skilled artisans. Discover the symbolic meanings behind each brushstroke and create your own masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of iconography and take home your personalized Easter icon.


10. Easter Horseback Riding

Embark on a unique horseback riding experience during Easter. Explore the picturesque Bulgarian countryside on horseback, accompanied by experienced guides. Ride through blooming meadows and witness the beauty of nature awakening during the festive season.