Tourist Information Centres

Tourist Information Centres are very common in Bulgaria, as almost every city, town and resort has one. All Tourist Information Centres provide information about the natural landmarks, museums and galleries, historical and cultural monuments and other popular places of interest one can find in the respective region, as well as about local entertainment venues, tourist routes, upcoming events, etc. There you can also acquire useful information about public transport, banks and other financial institutions, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies and health centres, and the different types of accommodation available in the place you are visiting.

In addition to that, most Tourist Information Centres also organise guided tours and walks for keen tourists and make lots of fascinating presentations aimed at promoting the beauty of the given destination. Needless to say, all of them offer free promotional materials such as maps, brochures, leaflets and so on. 
The people who work in the local Tourist Information Centres are always friendly and helpful. They are well-trained and usually speak at least two foreign languages fluently: these include English, German, French, Spanish and Russian, among others. The various Tourist Information Centres have different opening hours and more often than not, they stay closed on official holidays.
Contact details for some of the Tourist Information Centres:


Address: 22, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia 
Tel.: +3592 491 8344 and +3592 491 8345
Mobile: +359 885 921636
Facebook: InformationCentreSofia
Address: Hristo Botev Str. (to Opera Hall), Burgas
Tel.: +359 56 825 772; +359 56 841 542
Address: Sv.Sv.Kiril and Metodi Sq., Varna
Tel.: +359 52 820 689; +359 52 820 690
Address: 5, Hristo Botev Str., Veliko Tarnovo
Tel.: +35962 62-21-48, +35962 60-07-68
Address: 1, Centralen Sq., Plovdiv
Tel.: +35932 656-793, +35932 620 229 Fax: +35932 656-794
Address: 61, Aleksandrovska Str., Ruse 7000 
Tel.: +35982 824704
Address: 27, Ruski Blvd., Stara Zagora
Tel.: +359 42 627 098