Best Food and Beverage in Burgas

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Bulgaria team

Grocery shops and liquor stores in Bulgaria come in many different sizes and forms.

There are large supermarkets where you can buy anything from meat and vegetables to toothpaste and soap to car tyres and shovels, small 24/7 tobacco and alcohol corner shops, local convenience stores situated in residential buildings and garages, sophisticated cheese and wine shops, neat little village shops, etc. They are usually open seven days a week from around 8.30 am up until 11 pm and most of them don't close even on big holidays such as Christmas, Easter and New Year's Eve. The quality of the products sold there is generally pretty good and the prices are always reasonable. So, in short, when on vacation in Bulgaria, the last thing to worry about is finding food or booze. Just remember though that you must be over 18 years of age to be able to get alcohol and cigarettes.

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